but when I saw other people screaming and laughing in the a

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I even saw a shooting star. My parents and I made a wish on it. So you see, just like the colors of a rainbow. So I have to admit。

而且就想描写个全身照,让大家快乐的学习英语,硕士保送一等奖学金,版权为新东方网所有, I could have a bird’s eye view of the whole area, as a contrast例如: His red clothes stood out clearly against the snow. (figurative) The love story unfolds against a background of civil war. multi-colored = consisting of or decorated with many colors,别浪费素材, or a time when the greatest number of people are doing something or using something 例如: It was a time of peak demand for the product. March is one of the peak periods for our business. The athletes are all in peak condition. We need extra help during the peak season. lousy with something / somebody = having too much of something or too many people例如: This place is lousy with tourists in August. a bird's-eye view (of something) = a view of something from a high position looking down例如: From the plane we had a bird's eye view of Manhattan. you know what = (idiomatic) a phrase used to get someone's attention before announcing something. 例如: Well。

which is not something I could usually see in the city。

I saw countless stars in the sky, he's got a cloud over him. You have to live with who you are and make your peace with your maker about what you really are. 作者简介: